Guide to Business Lines

Medical Segment Medical Group

In the medical field, we’re engaged in the development and sales of medical supplies, including the surgical gloves used in hospitals and essential to treatment and examination.
In handling essential products, we strive night and day not just to achieve comprehensive quality control and stable supply, but research advances and product improvements.
Rigorously confirmed to measure 0.2 mm in thickness, our surgical gloves undergo double and triple checks as part of efforts to put safety and hygiene first, as well as sterilization, visual inspections, tensile tests, and pinhole leak tests.
We’re committed to maintaining health throughout society by delivering ideal products to those in the frontlines of efforts that protect human life and health.

Nursing Care Segment	Medical and Nursing Care Supplies Group

Leading a life while supporting and being supported by others. That may be the ideal vision of an aging society.
The key is the forward-looking attitude of both the support staff and those supported, who exert a positive influence on each other through their interactions. Our goal is to build an aging society that encourages everyone to stay active.
Utsunomiya Seisaku Co. operates in the nursing care field through its Kurashi ikiiki brand. We provide a unique assortment of products that meet the needs of all elderly lifestyles and living conditions, ranging from rental products and special equipment covered by nursing care insurance programs to home renovations and consumables. We also stand ready to offer advice and consultations for those seeking to start businesses in this industry.
We also provide various information for both of support staff and the supported to provide comprehensive support for an aging society.

Household Segment Household Industry Group

Our product line covers daily goods for homes and professional products for a broad range of applications, as well as agricultural and horticultural items. Based on the experience and high quality we’ve achieved after decades of providing commercial products to specialized fields, we now sell our products in retail stores. Our products are available on shelves at various mass retailers, including DIY shops, drug stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets across the country.

We’re active in developing products that integrate customer requirements with existing expertise, offering responsiveness and a comprehensive line of quality and inventory controls. Moreover, we reach out to customers through comprehensive proposals that include related products on the sales floor, drawing on the perspective of a manufacturer who knows hygiene products inside and out and can offer a wide assortment of such items.
We try to provide a broad range of markets with products and services reflecting the quality established in the frontlines of specialty fields. We seek to establish effective lines of communication to ordinary users to hear what they have to say. Such actions reflect our innermost ideals.

Food Industry Segment	Food Sanitation Group

In the food industry segment, particularly food makers with diversified product portfolios such as major bakery plants and hotels and restaurant chains, we contribute to hygiene at the frontlines of the food industry.
Our sustained efforts help protect hygiene through products ranging from head caps, aprons, face masks, shoes, and gloves to sterilizers and air conditioning filters.
Amid growing awareness of food safety, we meet the increasingly sophisticated and diversifying demands at the frontlines through comprehensive quality controls and carefully designed products that help create optimal solutions. The wide range of our products reflects the trust we’ve established.
As a partner seeking to help ensure peace of mind in the food industry, we’re determined to continue developing new products in the never-ending pursuit of the ideal.

Engineering Segment Industrial Product Group

In the industrial segment, we’ve adopted the make-to-order method to supply custom-made rubber and resin products that meet user design specifications.
Since key parts are often essential to the overall product, many products in this segment must meet exacting standards.
Typical examples include the components and materials used at production lines in factories and at construction sites and in the consumer appliances found in ordinary homes. Drawing on our expertise in rubber and resin items, we provide support that meets needs across a broad range of services, applications, and facilities.
We hope to sustain the prosperity of the ever-evolving engineering industry by providing products to a broad range of sites, ranging from public construction to homes, and by playing a role in distributing information.