Mamoruwotsukuru!-Our Promises to Customers-

Since we’re active in wide-ranging services in five business segments, we’re sometimes asked what our business is.

Medical supplies depot, Glove supplier, Rubber product dealer, Resin processor, and so forth.
We found the conception held by our customers weren’t the same. It dawned on us that we had failed to convey to our customers exactly what Utsunomiya Seisaku was able to supply. As a result, we concluded that the vision we need to pursue is to clarify what we can promise to our customers in each business segment to meet expectations and forge bonds of long-term trust.

Given below are the pledges and mission statements that govern the actions in each business segment:

[Medical Department]
Propose medical devices and materials instrumental to containing infections in a comprehensive manner.
[Sanitation Department]
Provide total support for hygiene and safety management in the food industry.
[Engineering Product Department]
Offer useful products and services that draw on materials and processing technologies in industries in which we can excel.
[Mass Retailing Department]
Provide professional-grade quality for homes and workplaces.
[Medical and Nursing Care Department]
Develop and provide products that help the elderly lead happy and fulfilled lives.

In line with these five messages, we seek to propose and implement value and services and to create knowledge and products, drawing on our experience in each segment, thereby creating synergies beyond these boundaries and serving the needs of our customers. Achieving this goal will entitle us to call our company a Mamoruwo tsukuru depot that contributes to society.

Mamoruwotsukuru! is a message (promise) whose purpose is to achieve the hearts’ desire in products and services infused with our brand message.

Brand message Mamoruwotsukuru! Company creed We contribute to society by creating new value and providing unmatched service. Corporate philosophy Innovation, Passion, Progress