Privacy Policy

Utsunomiya Seisaku Co., Ltd. (“Company” hereinafter) receives and handles personal customer information in rendering various services under legal control.

The Company strives to protect personal information to ensure the security and peace of mind of its customers. The Company abides by all applicable laws and regulations and implements measures to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company shall obtain personal information in appropriate ways, without resorting to deceit or other illegal means.

2. Use of Personal Information

The Company shall use personal information only within the scope required for the purposes indicated below. Before using personal information for any other purpose, the Company shall seek the agreement of the individuals concerned.

  • To answer inquiries
  • To provide information on products and services by e-mail.
  • To send direct mail

3. Secure Management of Personal Information

The Company shall take all necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the secure management of personal information, including measures to prevent the leakage, loss, and/or alteration of such personal information.

4. Subcontracting Handling of Personal Information

Before subcontracting the handling of any personal information to a third party, the Company shall undertake a rigorous review and undertake the necessary and appropriate supervision of said party to ensure the safe and secure management of the personal information thus consigned.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company shall not provide personal information to third parties without the express agreement of the individuals concerned, except in cases in which the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws specify otherwise.

6. Disclosure, Correction, etc. of Personal Information

On receiving a request from an individual for the disclosure of his/her own personal information, the Company shall do so without delay. The Company will not accept the request unless it can verify the individual’s identity. If an individual requests a correction, addition, or deletion of his/her personal information whose contents include incorrect information, the Company shall perform a thorough investigation and respond to the request without delay. The Company will not accept the request unless it can verify the individual’s identity.

7. Organization and Structure

The Company shall handle and manage all personal information with due care and precautions and make continuous improvements in related practices.

8. Changes to Privacy Policy

The terms of the Privacy Policy are subject to change.
A revised Privacy Policy will take effect as soon as it is posted on this website, excluding the cases separately set forth by the Company.

If you have a request involving any of the above or questions about the Company’s handling of personal information, please contact us as indicated below:


General Affairs Department, Utsunomiya Seisaku Co., Ltd.