Pro+ (pro plus) is the brand launched to mark the Company’s 110th anniversary.

During the course of our corporate history, we’ve introduced products under various brands, including QUEEN, THOMA, and SINGER.
We believe fulfilling the pledge made in our brand message Mamoruwo tsukuru! will help meet the needs of those at the frontlines.

Pro+, a brand launched by Utsunomiya Seisaku in full confidence, strengthens efforts to offer added value that helps customers solve their problems by not just selling products, but by a support partner and resource for advice distilled from our experiences.

The meaning of Pro+

*To be excellent Pro (professionals with added value).
*Add various values implied by Pro.
(Professionalism, Peace of Mind, and Products)

What each symbol reflects

*Font : to inspire innovation, a promising future, and discovery of new things based on study of the past
*Capital P : to indicate the keyword reflecting the Pro approach
* The “+”on the upper right-hand side reflects our efforts to achieve higher standards : to continue creating better products; and to enhance sustainable values.